Books, Beginning Watercolor Painting  DVDs,  Demonstration Lessons and Kits

Watercolor Painting materials in Kits -  to make art supply selections easy
Beginning Watercolor Painting Lesson Demonstrations on DVDs
E-Book "Getting Started" for Beginning Watercolor Painting Lessons -  Painting lessons showing you how to
create your own unique watercolor paintings, no matter what your painting experience has been!
Children's Picture Story Books - with art activities following the stories

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Watercolor KITS
"You Can Do It! ART"
"I didn't think
I was artistic,
but I found out
I can paint
after all! It's
Brenna Hall,
age 13
PRODUCTS for Watercolor Painting Lessons and Fun
"These lessons are incredible!  I really am seeing things
differently!"                                             Jeanne Hammond, Boise, ID
"Listening to Marilee's voice is like getting a warm hug!
I'm encouraged that even I can paint, something I
never thought I could do when I was young!"  
Larry Cobb, Garden Valley, ID
"I'm thrilled! I
honestly didn't
know I could
do this!"

Ellen Case
Portland, O
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