A Book that grows with your child!

1200 words of rich language!
32 pages of vibrant illustrations!
Kandu, a little toucan, longs for more of the sunlit color that slips through the shadows of his dark
rainforest home. Kandu's curiosity and adventurous spirit lead him to a marvelous meadow where his
explorations mix, match, and mystify him, adding brilliant color to his black and white feathers and bill.
The plucky little toucan returns to his rainforest home, wondering how the toucan clan will react to his
new appearance and audacious adventure. Story line is a fun exploration; the artistic theme leads to
a color mixing activity following the story. Book also has a factual page about how toucans live. More
activities for Kandu and the Magic Meadow are on the
Companion DVD.

TEACHERS and PARENTS: With the story are related learning activities in art, writing, vocabulary,
science, drama, friendships, and more, on this website and on DVD.

Your child will be entertained and taught by the lively toucans and their playful discoveries.

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Kandu and
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Build on your child's love of color, creativity, and natural curiosity for learning.
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